Why Are Some Countries Rich And Others Poor?


This is a series of conversation between two Economists, Akhilesh Verma and myself, Garima Dhir as we try to unravel and simplify various concepts of economics. In the previous post, we had discussed how the economy and formal markets came into being, how was money born and what exactly is the role of an economist? We take our … Read more

Trade in Services: An Analysis of India’s Performance

Trade In Services

Over the years, trade in services has grown substantially, witnessing a much more impressive average annual growth rate (5.3%) than merchandise trade (3.4%) between 2005 to 2019. Service trade has played a special role particularly in India’s growth. IT boom, emergence of the BOP sector, advancements in information and communication sector and hospitality services are … Read more

Obesity in India, a Reality

Obesity in India

Globally, prevalence of overweight and obesity is on a rise, such that obesity rates have now overtaken hunger rates in many countries. World-wide 39% of the adults, population 18 years and above, are overweight and 13% are obese (WHO, Global Health Observatory Data). Last 2 decades have also seen a rise in overweight and obesity … Read more

Union Budget of India 2021-22: A Case of Convergence and Divergence

Indian Budget

In her speech, India’s Finance Minister (FM), Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman, highlighted that Budget FY22 is unique as it follows a global contraction caused due to Covid-19. To pull the country out of a slowdown, several noteworthy instruments have been laid out in the six pillars of the Budget, along with certain taxation measures. While there … Read more

Women and Crime Incidence Fallacies: Safety, a Reporting Brownie Point or Actuality?

Crimes Against Women

Recently released data by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) on crimes in India for 2019 shows that on an average 1,111 cases of crimes against women were recorded per-day in 2019, with a cumulative of 4 lacs+ cases in the year. About 50% of the total crimes against women were concentrated in 5 states … Read more

A Brief Summary of the Economic Survey 2020-2021

Economic Survey 2020 2021

The Economic Survey 2020-2021, prepared under the guidance of the Chief Economic Advisor (CEA) of India, Mr. K.V. Subramanian, was tabled in the Parliament on 29 Feb 2021 by the Finance Minister Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman. This was the 3rd survey prepared by the current CEA and was presented 3 days prior to the tabling of … Read more